Pieces of exchange Maschio Gaspardo

What are the steps to follow?

1 Select the machine model from the main menu.

2 On the machine page, there is a PDF. Open that manual and identify the piece code you need.

3 Then look for the piece code on the site (in the search engine above) and add the product to the cart.

4 In the near future, you will receive an e-mail from us, mentioning the delivery term for the requested items and a pro forma invoice for payment.

5 After the payment, if the pieces are in stock, the order goes to you.

Other details:

* For orders bigger than 300 lei, transport is free of charge.
* If for any reason you can not identify the machine model, you can not download the manual or find a piece, send us a picture of your machine series and help you find the original piece of Maschio Gaspardo.